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APEX offers a number of services in the electrical engineering domain.

Each service forms part of a logical, one-stop-shop process that sees the APEX team nurture your project; from its initial days as a challenge faced by your company, through to a well-designed, fully-implemented, managed and maintained solution.

These services are also available individually, as a one-off requirement or way of conducting a reconnaissance on what it would take to implement a suitable solution.

Planning and Concept Design, including:

  • Electrical infrastructure planning advice, encompassing solution installation and full and transparent operational costs, as well as long term maintenance considerations;
  • A review and assessment of the current infrastructure operation and recommendations to improve its operation and energy efficiency;
  • Preparation of project proposals for budgetary requirements and assistance with applications to secure grant funding;
  • A full concept and concept design evaluation; and
  • A project feasibility study, along with a cost-benefit analysis.

Preparation and Review of Electrical Documentation, including:

  • Preparation of project tenders and an independent review of tenders;
  • Preparation of functional specifications and independent review of functional specifications; and
  • Preparation and review of Operations and Maintenance Manual(s).

Electrical Design

APEX offers a complete, detailed electrical design services package, in compliance with the relevant Australian Standards and NSW Public Works (MEW E101) Electrical Specification. All design work is completed in-house by APEX’s engineering and drafting teams.

Design services include, but are not limited to:

  • System Development;
  • Full turn-key packages;
  • Selection of electrical equipment and instrumentation;
  • Protection systems design; and
  • Communications design.

CAD Drafting

APEX uses the latest AUTOcad software package to provide accurate electrical drawings for your project.

Existing drawings can be modified to incorporate electrical upgrades. Likewise, APEX can produce new drawings. Both of these options can be incorporated into the final electrical documentation.

APEX also has a re-drafting service and can convert hard copy drawings into AutoCAD format and update them, if required.

Our drafting service includes the provision of:

  • Process and Instrumentation Schematics;
  • Switchboard General Arrangement Diagrams;
  • Distribution Board Single Line Diagrams;
  • Motor Starter Circuit Diagrams;
  • Field Cable Interconnection Diagrams;
  • Network Schematics; and
  • PLC I/O Auto Control Drawings.

Project Management and Supervision, including:

  • Project management of all aspects of the project life cycle;
  • Electrical installation supervision and quality compliance; and
  • Project management in accordance with PMBOK.

Operation and Maintenance Staff Training, including:

  • Training of relevant staff on the operations and maintenance of the installed electrical equipment; and
  • Training of relevant staff on the electrical automatic controls, and how the process can be controlled for optimum efficiency.