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APEX supports its clients through providing services covering preventative, scheduled and breakdown maintenance.

These services can be tailored to suit each client’s needs and encompass system inspection, testing, reporting and maintenance covering electrical equipment (including Telemetry Systems), as well as Automation Systems & Instrumentation equipment, as outlined.

  • Installation inspection, testing and reporting
  • Earthing systems (continuity of earthing system checks)
  • Low voltage switchboards and circuit breakers, Auto Control Panels and Power Factor Correction
  • Field Terminations Panels and Junction Boxes
  • Motors and associated equipment
  • Insulation resistance tests to power and control cables
  • Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) Systems and battery packs
  • Emergency and Exit Lighting Testing and certification
  • Security Alarm and Fire Detection Systems
  • General light and power services
  • Lightning Protection System testing and certification
  • Appliance Testing and Tagging
  • Data and Communication Cabling Testing and audits
  • Telemetry

APEX has the technical expertise to carry out all Automation System Maintenance requirements, with experience in working on simple automated processes, through to large complex processes.

The team is experienced in the investigation and diagnosis of control system faults, breakdowns and failures, and can provide advice and expertise for all relevant maintenance activities, ensuring functionality and reliability across all control systems.

These services also include fault finding, diagnosis and taking corrective action for process problems, including process monitoring instrumentation for flow, level, pressure, temperature, dissolved oxygen, and ORP, etc.,